Website Marketing with Video

Video Web Marketing

Today’s higher bandwidth Internet makes video a viable way to promote your business online. Since more people today have high speed connections, watching video online is now fast, easy and very accessible. Among the plethora of website marketing strategies and tactics, video marketing is emerging as a truly effective one.

Companies can now create videos to promote their business. They can upload their original videos to numerous video-sharing website communities (see our list below). And they can post videos on their company website too.

If you have compelling video, your visitors will stay on your site longer. This only helps your bottom line. You have more opportunity to convince the visitor to buy from you, you increase their brand awareness of your business and search engines reward sites that keep their visitors “stuck” to their site. The reward is higher rankings.

Of course the big one is YouTube (and to a lesser degree Vimeo), but there are many others as well. Video marketing is relatively easy for any amateur with a digital video recorder (how about your iPhone or Android?) to shoot a video, and there is a lot of software that can help anyone edit video and make it Web-ready.


Creating videos has never been easier. Here are some ways you can use videos to marketing your website and business:

  • Introduce yourself and your company to your website visitors. Talk about your services and in the process, build trust.
  • Explain and demonstrate in front of the camera how to use your product or service.
  • Use a video to fully explain the features or benefits of your product or service.
  • Offer an online video as a bonus for purchasing another product or service of yours.
  • Enhance your product pages with videos for a more effective way to deliver your marketing messages.
  • Use videos to show others actually using your product or service.
  • Use a video to show how to use specific proprietary functionality on your website.
  • Create video testimonials where past customers of yours praise your business (not easy to get, but worth it!)


Video marketing will most likely become more and more common as bandwidth opportunities increase, and connections become cheaper. People respond better to video than to text or audio alone, so it really is a marketer’s dream.

A List of Places Where you Can Post your Video to Market your Business — Hilarious videos
Blinkx  —  video search engine — Funny and crazy videos
Brightcove — “The Leading Online Video Platform”
Daily Motion — Online videos, music, and movies. — — —  Online Destination for Men — The Live Community — Christian Community Video, Music — Crazy videos — “The best way to watch and publish your videos”
Videosift — Online Video * Quality Control — video hosting
Vimeo — Video sharing for you, this is a big one!
vSocial — Share videos online for free in the V Sandbox
Yikers — Funny videos — “Broadcast Yourself” The most popular

Video Marketing Accessories

If you want to create a video where you, an employee of yours or a hired actor speaks directly to the camera about your product or service, a professional backdrop and lighting are important to have. For example, you can buy a photo studio lighting kit backdrop with muslins and lighting.

A Photo Studio Lighting Kit Backdrop and Lighting

And this is what it looks like all set up